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Standard Quality Plays –
  • Starts within 24 Hours
  • Speed: 10k to 50k per 24 hours
  • Non Drop Guarantee
  • Royalties Eligible
  • International Plays
  • 100% Safe
  • Dedicated Support Included
High Quality Plays –
  • Starts within 24 Hours
  • Speed: 1k to 50k per 24 hours
  • Non Drop Guarantee
  • Better Royalties
  • Plays From USA Accounts
  • 100% Safe
  • Dedicated Support Included



  • What is the Estimated Time for delivery?
  • We will be starting the order after 12- 24 hours, after which the delivery will be done asap depending on speed of selected Order.
  • How does this work? Where do you get these Plays from?
  • We pay people incentives to Play your music and have a vast system developed to achieve that.
  • Are these Plays safe ?
  • These Plays are 100% safe and have been tested by us on hundreds of Tracks.

Buy Spotify Plays – As many plays as you need for your tracks!

Your tracks have been uploaded to Spotify for a while now, but the number of plays is still far from meeting your expectations? It’s not always obvious why so few users become aware of you.

Use our Spotify Plays and get much higher numbers. You give your titles a good push and the number of plays on your tracks increases continuously.

Be unique with more Spotify plays than your competition

Especially with Spotify it is not always easy to leave the many other users and artists behind. That’s why it can quickly happen that you wish for much more plays for your tracks than you could possibly get.

That’s no problem for us, because with our Spotify Plays you are fighting this very problem. We help you to increase the range of your tracks and get many more plays.

More users will become aware of you and therefore the number of plays of your songs increases from day to day.

How it works

Have you decided on one of your tracks whose plays you want to boost? Then you can now decide how many spotify plays you want to buy. You have to select at least 1,000 plays, with a maximum of 100,000 plays.

You can see that you can really buy a lot of plays for your tracks at Spotify. Shortly after your purchase, you will be credited with the requested plays and you will soon be appearing on the leaderboards more often.

More Spotify Plays for you and your tracks!

All important details are summarized here once again:

  •  Get new plays for your titles
  •  Decide on the number of plays
  •  Enjoy a short delivery time of your requested plays

Buy our Spotify Plays now and quickly increase your reach.

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1000, 3000, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000, 100000


Standard, High Quality


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